A Car Battery has two functions:-

  • To start the car’s engine
  • To run the car’s electrical equipment; lights, radio, air conditioning, etc.

The main properties of car battery to look at are the Amp Hour (AH) & the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

The AH of a battery is a universally recognised unit of measurement and can be compared across manufacturers. It is a measure of the amount of charge that a battery can hold. The Higher the AH figure the longer the battery will be able to perform its two main functions.

The CCA measures the ability of the battery to turn over the engine, the higher the CCA the more powerful the battery. It is important not to get a battery with a lower than recommended CCA as this can cause under performance when starting especially in cold conditions. It is best to get a battery with the highest possible AH & CCA ratings bearing in mind the position of the battery as in many vehicles this will restrict the size that can be accommodated.

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